Sosa & Sons General Contractors, Inc.

About Sosa Consulting Engineering & Sosa and Sons General Contractors

Sosa Consulting Engineering and Sosa and Sons General Contractors have been in business since 1997. The company was started while we directed the facilities operation of a newly built 32 story 1.5 million square foot luxury condominium. It was this premise that inspired us to pursue our own business venture.

We relocated to Sevierville, TN and conducted cabin maintenance repairs, structural remediation, heat & air, electrical, plumbing, remodels and built several custom homes. We limited sub-contractors and completed the projects in-house with a highly qualified crew that believed in due care, diligence and code compliance. Our intention was to control the quality of the project by adding value and move the project along smoothly with a cost reduction benefit.

With over 25 years of construction experience, the owner has a Ph.D in project management, a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, and a business degree. We also have obtained several contractor’s licenses, both in Florida and Tennessee.

We provide special discounts for veterans and senior citizens.

We often work on a time and material basis which typically equates to a cost savings since we pass our materials cost directly to you.

On our blog we address issues pertaining to procedure and prevention maintenance of your home or commercial property, and we encourage you to subscribe! We can also answer questions relating to all facets of construction.

We are here to earn your business. No job is too big or small. How can we serve you?

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